Product Weekend

It's like startup weekend, but you actually make stuff and try to make money by the end of the weekend.

Build Prototypes, Iterate, Sell. Physical or Digital.

Same Format, More Action

Startup Weekend is great! I've participated in a few, but it's much more "sacrifice everything in the beginning and sell to a big tech company". That's not really my style. My version is much more fast paced and action oriented.

54 Hours to Create & Sell

Form a group and come up with a product ideaWork on creating prototypesGet feedback from potential customersIterate some morePut it up for sale (even pre-order)Celebrate shipping something!

All Are Winners

Everyone gets a "trophy" because you created something and tried to sell it in a weekend. There is a winner with the best sales though. Celebrate this small win. Go home and work on it. More polish, more "retail ready". Or just use your cash from sales and take the team out to dinner.

Get In Touch

This is an idea I'd like to bring to reality. If you'd like to help, hit me up!

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Thank You

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